The goal of optimization is to find the “optimal” design based on a set of prioritised criteria or constraints. These include aspects such as increasing production, strength, dependability, durability, efficiency, and usage. The analysis stage of the engineering design process is when mathematical models and scientific principles are employed to help the designer predict design results. Engineers are often forced to identify a few appropriate design solutions and then decide which one best meets the needs of the client. DEP identifies optimization scenarios that have numerous objectives and are multivariate in nature as it works across industrial verticals. The changing needs and DEP’s in-house Engineering procedures have resulted in optimization approaches and tools that manage a wide range of situations, and our solutions are suitable for various stages of product development.

Domain Expertise

Bench Test:

  • Engine hydraulic device
  • Flow Measurements
  • Solenoid Force Test Rig

Multi objective, multivariate optimization:

  • Welding
  • Adhesives
  • Feature parameters (beads, darts, ribs, and bulkheads)
  • Topology parameters
  • Design Space Creators
  • Shape and Size parameterization
  • Design Enablers – stronger platform to explore optimized designs
  • Part extenders
  • Material parameters
  • CAD morphing and parameterization – conjunction with Design of Experiments

3G+ optimization methodology:

  • Geometry optimization
  • Gage optimization
  • Material Grading analysis
  • Weight optimization

Our unique CAE platform, MeshWorks, includes a suite of solutions that substantially cut model creation time and boost efficiency for both conventional and progressive product development processes. At DEP, we believe that combining conventional and modernized (parametric) optimization approaches will bring considerable benefits to engineering in terms of design alternatives and trade-offs early on in the automotive product development process.

We provide exceptional CAE Services and our commitment to provide industry leading Design Optimization to the global clientele has continued to strengthen our reputation making us the chosen partner for engineering service in the market. We promise you the advantage of: