In engineering perspective, it is usually mentioned that good design makes good products. But engineers encounter lot of complex design scenarios that challenges quality. Often design decisions at the end of the product cycle is most expensive and increase the time-to-market duration. Making machinery with custom configuration demands precision by exploring possible number of variations and combinations. In order to satisfy the unique specifications for products, that require new variants of parts and designs in every iteration, optimized design management is the engineer’s choice. Additionally a time and cost balanced approach is required to maintain the high standards and ease of manufacturing. Process automation is a tailor-fit design management application that combines various engineering concepts and helps designers with quick solutions that are easy to implement during the early stages of product development.

MeshWorks has the ability to customize functions and automate the redundant procedures resulting in huge time savings. In MeshWorks, CAE functions can be rapidly automated using a fast Record > Create-GUI > Plumb > Publish process. With virtually no scripting or programming expertise our tool guarantees automating very complicated geometry and mesh creation processes. Some of the processes that could be automated includes a) CAD, b) Meshing, c) Model Assembly, d) Morphing, e) Parametrization, f) Post-processing etc. These processes, once published could be shared with all users in the organization as a simple resource file that doesn’t needs any new software releases. As a value-addition feature, MeshWorks allows external exes and scripts (Python, Java etc.) to be integrated into this process.


  • Customizable process templates.
  • Process automation possible for a wide variety of models.
  • Recording of the entire process with ‘on/off’ recording options.
  • Drag & drop GUI creation options for quick/easy function interface creation.
  • Automatic conversion of recorded processes into data flow charts.
  • Direct drag & drop options to plumb GUI to process data flow.
  • Logical operators, conditional statements, process loops etc. can be included into the process flow for decision making and directing processes accordingly.
  • Multiple process automation functions can be linked under a single GUI.
  • Process can be linked with external scripts and executables.


  • Significant time reduction in CAE processes – 2X to 10X.
  • All the pre-processing steps can be performed as integrated work flow as per user’s own ideas and requirements.
  • Even the most complicated process can be made simple with the help of process automation in MeshWorks.
  • Faster results while ensuring consistency and quality.
  • Processes can be standardized and institutionalized across the entire organization.

Typical Processes That Can Be Automated:

  1. CAD geometry creation & manipulation
  2. Complex meshing & assembly
  3. Load case set-up, results recovery & auto report
  4. Automated parametrization Etc.

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