The Modeling module within MeshWorks comprises of a set of interactive and highly automated model assembly, model connection, materials, loads and boundary condition assignment functions that will allow users to create complex full system level models such as that of automotive vehicles, IC engines, airplanes, ships etc. in a highly condensed time frame. The main objective is to reduce the time required for model assembly of a FE model using MeshWorks when compared to other traditional meshing applications. DEP Engineers created MeshWorks modeling module as a tool that can create model assembly of very complex components in less time.

Functions & Benefits

Spot Welding:

In MeshWorks, we can create spot weld by selecting the nodes from the flange area and selecting the connecting parts & specify the weld type as required. For spot-welded structures (such as automotive bodies) the weld elements can be generated automatically for various types of attributes such as crash, NVH, durability etc. Specialized features such as weld force failure, heat affected zone modeling around the spot welds etc. are available for more in-depth modeling of the welds. During early stages of the product development spot weld lines and spot weld points can be automatically generated using the part meshes.

Productivity gains: Conventionally creating spot weld would take more time, but MeshWorks would do the same task in 1min by using different options available in weld option. For large components it will require less time when compared to conventional applications.

Seam Welding:

We can create seam weld by selecting the nodes from the flange area and selecting the master & slave elements, also specify the weld & align type as required. For fabricated structures involving seam welds the weld elements can be generated using a wide variety of configurations such as quad, beam, solid, rigid elements etc. For detailed modeling of the weldments, using solid elements, options are available to automatically create the weldments and have node-to-node matching connection to the surrounding parts.

Productivity gains: Creating seam weld in conventional way time consuming whereas, MeshWorks would do the same task in 1min by using different options available in weld option. For large complex components it would take even less time in MeshWorks when compared to conventional tools & applications.

Adhesive Bonding:

Adhesive Bonding can be created by selecting the nodes from the flange area and selecting the connecting parts & specify the adhesive type as required. In locations where adhesive bonds are required solid bond elements will be generated automatically and connected to the surrounding part meshes through connection equations, contacts etc.

Productivity gains: Complex adhesive bonds will take more time in conventional methods and MeshWorks would do the same task in 2min by using different options available in it. Larger component models will be more benefited by using MeshWorks, since there will be a drastic time reduction as compared to conventional processes.

Bolted Connections:

A wide variety of bolted assembly connection elements can be automatically created. These involve a) through bolts, b) screws, c) detailed metric bolt modeling, d) bolt connections with beams/rigids etc. This option is widely used to create solid bolts by selecting the bolt centre node and defining the bolt dimensions using MeshWorks. The steps are:

  1. By selecting multiple centre nodes and bolt definition, it is possible to create multiple bolts with Pre-tension sections and values in a single click.
  2. While creating bolt we can define bolt geometry like size, type of bolt, washer layers etc. and property definitions.

And there are options to create Bolt connection automatically, by detecting the hole.

Productivity gains: Conventionally creating 20 bolts along with pretension sections would take 3.5Hr. Using MeshWorks flow, one can do the same task in less than 30 minutes.

Contacts Creation:

Extensive contact modeling is available with automatic contact surface creation between all components of an assembly. The contact pairs can also be generated between the contact surfaces with appropriate interface conditions such as friction, thermal properties etc. Auto Contact Creation tool allows the user to easily create contact surfaces and contact pair automatically in less time. Auto Contact Creation Includes contact pair, contact control, contact interface, pre-tension surface which executes automatically.

MeshWorks Advantage: The user can deselect unwanted areas and select additional areas for the contact pair surfaces. MeshWorks allows the user to create card image for all the surfaces automatically.

Other Modeling Features:

Loads & Boundary Conditions: A wide variety of loads and boundary conditions for various types of problems can be applied in a quick and efficient manner.

Include File Management: For very large scale system models an include file management system has been provided. Users can organize sub-assembly data into include files and perform data manipulation operations across different include files.

Spot Weld

Spot Welding

Weldment Creation
Adhesive Bonding

Adhesive Bonding

3D Bolt Creation

Automatic Contact Creation

Automatic contact creation

Auto Bolt Creation

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