On-demand Webinar:

MeshWorks2020 Modeling efficiency through CAE Process Automation

Optimization, Virtual Validation, Process Automation were all important aspects of Industry 4.0 on the Engineering side besides the Digital Twin, Engg data and Model based Engineering. Several CAE Standard Operating Procedures were automated to move the focus from traditional model building and analysis to model or data model based optimization.

As we start our journey into Industry 5.0, we are facing increasing focus on mass customization in some product lines, Digital Twin supporting design exploration beyond optimization, Simulation methods to support V Cycle with ability to operate on RT (Real Time) and Data model based design advisor. For this kind of framework traditional model building or synthesis process or traditional hard code Process Automation (PA) process would not be enough. This is where MeshWorks PA process scores with its ability to translate steps into code. Together with Design Exploration architecture MeshWorks PA can deal with both ROM and Detailed Model builds.

This webinar focuses on unique process automation architecture.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Demonstration of MW PA Framework – Learn through live demonstrations about how easier it is to create a Process Automation in MeshWorks using wide variety of tools sets.
  • Process Automation – Internal Flow – 1D and 3D Connected – How MeshWorks Process Automation can help bridge 1D model (RT useable) with 3D model to enable design exploration framework.

How does MeshWorks 2020 differ from the current tools available?

  Process using other tools Process using DEP MeshWorks
MeshWorks Process Automation Framework Limited Efficient
Process Automation to enable design exploration Limited Efficient

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