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Optimization & Simulation for Aero Models using MeshWorks

Virtual Validation and Optimization is a major focus area for the Aerospace Industry, and has resulted in some pioneering work towards virtual validation methods, tools and optimization techniques. The common denominator that drives these techniques is the need of high quality FE / Virtual Validation models. The necessary design space and design variable creation process, as well as systems and sub system virtual validation builds are very critical for success.

Building high quality FE models for Structures, Interiors, and propulsion systems really played pivotal role besides the solvers technology and visualization. The role played by non parametric Topology optimization is significant towards mass optimization but the role played by shape; sizing and other feature options cannot be ignored. The necessary design space and design variable creation process is also very critical. There is an expectation that FE Pre/Post processers should be able to handle activities related to all stages of the Aerospace product development. Adding to that, we have systems and sub system virtual validation builds. Engineers can easily handle the above challenge using the perfect platform called MeshWorks.

This webinar focuses on listening from key leaders, driving innovation in Aerospace segment and Demonstration of MeshWorks enabling Virtual Validation (CAE) and Optimization workflows for Aerospace industry.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Demonstration of MeshWorks Mesh Modeling and Model Assembly – Live demonstrations on how easier it is to create mesh models and assembly for Primary Structures, Interiors and Propulsion systems.
  • Demonstration of MeshWorks to make Design Change in CAE model without CAD – Demo on MeshWorks tools that makes design changes directly on the mesh without waiting for CAD.
  • Demonstration of MeshWorks mesh parameterization technology for Mass Savings – Live examples showing how MeshWorks mesh parameterization tools, make design changes directly on the mesh without waiting for CAD.
  • Demonstration of MeshWorks Concept Modeler tools for early stage Geometry Studies without CAD – Showcasing how MeshWorks Concept Modeler tools help build new structural constructs and concept for early stage studies without waiting for CAD.

How does MeshWorks 2020 differ from the current tools available?

  Process using other tools Process using DEP MeshWorks
Mesh Modeling and Assembly Framework Limited Efficient
Enabling design changes directly on mesh, no CAD needed Limited Efficient
Concept Modeler to synthesize early stage structural concept None Efficient
Parametric Model based Optimization Limited Efficient

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