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Rapid product development for Farm and Construction Equipment using DEP MeshWorks

Farm mechanization has increased productivity and helped positively impact cost of cultivation. This includes tractors, tillers, balers, cutters, reaper binders and harvesters. Manufacturers of farm equipment depend on the virtual validation to study response and performance under several use case conditions. Building high quality virtual validation model quicker and making design changes on mesh are the keys to save lots of time otherwise involved in physical testing. The scenario is no different in Construction equipment industry for excavators, cranes and other material handing devices where virtual validation is the way to go for optimizing the machine weight without compromising the lifting capacity.

Many of the structural assemblies in Farm and Construction Equipment segment are of fabricated structures configuration. Some of the structural assemblies are made of cast and forged parts bolted together. Building a virtual validation model for seam welded assemblies does take significant time for simulation engineers. Many sub assembly are also hybrid structures in terms of thick sheet welded parts and cast components. Design engineers do expect fast modeling tools that can help them morph and generate geometry configuration for upfront packaging and configuration studies. A comprehensive tool set that can handle all complexity from virtual validation model build and design engineering perspective would make a big difference.

This webinar focuses on MeshWorks enabling Design and Virtual Validation (CAE) workflows for Farm and Construction Equipment industry.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • MeshWorks Mesh Modeling and Model Assembly – Learn through live demonstrations about how easier it is to create mesh model with seam welds and bolted joints for farm equipment assembly.
  • MeshWorks to make Design Change in CAE model without CAD – Showcasing how MeshWorks tools make design changes directly on the mesh without waiting for CAD.
  • MeshWorks Mesh Parameterization technology for Light Weighting – Demo on how MeshWorks mesh parameterization tools make design changes directly on the mesh without waiting for CAD.
  • MeshWorks CAD Morphing and Concept Modeler tools for Quick Geometry Change – Learn how MeshWorks CAD Morphing and Concept Modeler tools are used for building new structural constructs and concept for early stage studies.

How does MeshWorks 2020 differ from the current tools available?

  Process using other tools Process using DEP MeshWorks
Mesh Modeling and Assembly Framework Limited Efficient
Proficiency of design changes directly on mesh with no requirement for CAD data Limited Efficient
Concept Modelers to synthesize early stage structural concept None Efficient
CAD Morphing for early stage Quick CAD generation None Efficient

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