This webinar focuses on model assembly tools in MeshWorks, regular and special connection options and will cover how MeshWorks can help you save time and effort with process automation. Model assembly tools demonstrated would cover multi disciplinary application areas like Crash, NVH and Durability. Conversion of connection formats and types while converting models across disciplines would be demonstrated.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Access to Connector file formats, Creating spot, seam and adhesives connections – Learn through live demonstrations about MeshWorks ability to create regular spot, seam and adhesive connections. This is very useful for automotive body in white, earth moving equipment cabins and commercial vehicle cabins.
  • Bolted Joints – MeshWorks has many options to create bolted joints. This has wide application for Powertrain systems, prime movers as used in farm equipments and beyond.
  • Special tools – Fuse weld type of approach for specific seam weld application. Model conversion tools that take care of converting connection types and formats across disciplines.
  • Contact definition – Demonstrate contact definition and update them.
  • Application of process automation – Demonstrate application of process automation for model assembly.

How does MeshWorks 8 differ from the current tools available?

Process using other tools Process using DEP MeshWorks
Access to connector file and creating spot, seam and adhesive type of joints. Manual effort= more Manual effort= less
Creation of Bolted joints Limited Efficient
Special tools Limited / None Excellent
Model assembly Conversion tools Limited / None Excellent
Contact Definition Limited / None Excellent
Application of process automation Limited / None Excellent

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