This webinar focuses on post processing tools in MeshWorks will cover how Hot Spot Extractor, Score Card Utility tools in MeshWorks can help you save time and effort. Both Curve and Fringe/Contour plotting tools in MeshWorks are applicable for automotive, aerospace and heavy engineering domains CAE users handling sheet metal and cast parts assemblies.

Post processing results from Finite Element Analysis is very important for CAE users to draw meaningful conclusions about the product performance and use the data to make key design decisions or recommendations.

MeshWorks post processing tool is integrated with the mesh modeling and morphing tools to deliver better efficiency for the CAE user. Reporting template set up in MeshWorks post processor also adds to efficiency.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Curve Plotting Tools –Learn through live demonstrations about how curve plotting tools in MeshWorks are useful to CAE users.
  • Fringe / Contour Plotting Tools –Learn through live demonstration about how contour / fringe plotting tools in MeshWorks are useful to CAE users.
  • Hot Spot Extractors –Learn through live demonstration How Hot Spot Extractor (HSE) is useful to CAE user to integrate results from various load cases or load steps and superimpose them on to one model and connect it back to mesh model update tools.
  • Score Card Utility –Learn through live demonstration how Score Card utility helps post process key set of results

How does MeshWorks 8 differ from the current tools available?

Process using other tools Process using DEP MeshWorks
Hot Spot Extractor Limited / None Efficient
Score Card Utility Limited / None Efficient

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