MeshWorks is a powerful CAE meshing engine that allows users to create complex tire design mesh rapidly from CAD data.

Highly automated meshing functions available allow users to create exceptional quality meshes with minimal user intervention in the shortest time possible, with minimal to virtually no CAD clean-up. Template based meshing allows users to set-up templates for feature recognition, mesh size requirements and quality criteria. Highly automated mesh quality improvement functions, robotically correct meshes to meet user specified quality templates and constraint criteria.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

  • Creation of Mesh Models and Model Assembly – Live demonstrations about how to create high quality 2D and 3D mesh models for tire designs
  • Morphing and Parameterization for Tires – Learn through live demonstration about how to use MeshWorks to create parametric mesh models to enable quick “What if” scenario studies for static, dynamic and aquaplaning performances.
  • Application of MeshWorks for aquaplaning performance optimization study

Some of key Meshworks highlights to Tire industries is as follows:

  • Tool sets that help build high quality 2D and 3D FE mesh models for tires all the way up to solver ready model set-ups
  • Morphing and parameterization tools that directly help study the sensitivity of tread pattern for aquaplaning considerations
  • 1D model /discrete model building tools that is handy when organizations build modal tire models
  • Hex mesh creation procedure along with process automation, that reduces time to build high quality complex tread pattern models
  • Mesh modeling tools that are applicable to motorcycle tires, passenger car tires, highway tires and off road tires

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