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Engineering the Future: Insights from Mr. Radha Krishnan, Founder and President of DEP

Mar 06, 2024

An exclusive interview with Mr. Radha Krishnan, Founder and President of Detroit Engineered Products (DEP), featured on Bisinfotech, delved into the pivotal role of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE). He highlighted the significant time investment required by design engineers in manual tasks such as geometry creation, meshing, and connections within CAE. He emphasized how DEP MeshWorks offers a robust design enabler module, enabling users to automatically generate typical design solutions. These solutions not only enhance structural and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) performance but also contribute to weight reduction.

Mr. Krishnan delves into the topic of safety, emphasizing its paramount importance for DEP. Designs undergo rigorous virtual validation testing to ensure compliance with stringent standards. He elaborates on DEP’s commitment to aligning with the overarching vision of driving innovation and advancement within the industry. Furthermore, he discusses the widespread adoption of CAE solutions across diverse sectors, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and civil engineering. These solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements and challenges of each industry, thereby maximizing performance and usability.

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