DEP's Go to Market Strategy

Driving Innovation: A Deep Dive into Detroit Engineered Products’ Go-to-Market Strategy, CAE Technologies, and Global Expansion

Dec 14, 2023

In a special edition of DQ Channels magazine, delve into an exclusive interview with Mr. Radha Krishnan, President and founder of Detroit Engineered Products (DEP). Over the course of 25 years in the industry, Mr. Radha Krishnan discusses DEP’s Go-to-Market Strategy, innovative approaches, and cutting-edge technologies employed to streamline product development timelines, showcasing the company’s global impact. The interview sheds light on DEP’s transformative role in reducing design cycle times through Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tools, particularly emphasizing the proprietary platform, MeshWorks.

Furthermore, the interview explores DEP’s breakthroughs in CAE software for Mechanical Engineering and design, highlighting the continuous evolution of the flagship CAE platform, DEP MeshWorks. The establishment of a dedicated product development wing is a pivotal achievement, enabling collaborative efforts with clients to create customized products across diverse sectors. DEP’s comprehensive engineering services suite, serving over 500 satisfied customers including major OEMs and entities in aerospace, consumer goods, electronics, and oil & gas industries, solidifies its prominent position in the market.

The interview also unveils DEP’s latest milestone – the launch of the IC sensor, an in-cylinder sensing technology designed to enhance engine efficiency and reduce emissions. As DEP expands its service offerings across various verticals, the journey promises to be both intriguing and enthralling.

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