DEP designs and displays an electric scooter technology demonstrator to showcase its electrification design capabilities for the Indian market

Feb 03, 2020

Frugal engineering principles have been used to ensure that an electric scooter can be developed at the same price as a conventional one, while delivering an optimal performance in the shortest possible time

DEP has released an exclusive preview of their technology prototype of an electric scooter, developed by DEP’s Design Development team, which displays their technological capabilities for the electric scooter market.

DEP’s design team has used an existing conventional vehicle, retrofitted with an electric powertrain. The exterior body panels have been restyled for aerodynamic performance, and has been given a styling and engineered design which is optimized to give the lowest drag.

The electric scooter brags of several innovative features such as-

  • Removable batteries, which eliminates the key issue of having a electric point for battery charging readily available
  • Extended range, of 150 kms, which addresses the problem that many e-scooters face of limited range
  • A next-generation user friendly dashboard where the rear view cameras and proximity sensor is integrated within the dashboard itself
  • Improved Lithium-ion battery pack capacity of 4 KWh 
  • Vehicle speed from 0 to 60 Km/h in 7 seconds, with a Vehicle max speed of 80 km/h

Speaking on the occasion Radha Krishnan, President, DEP said, “The EV/HEV initiatives are facing lots of design challenges because of increasing dependency on electrical components and overall complexity, coupled with short design cycles. DEP’s product development team is equipped with capabilities to address these issues, and by using frugal engineering principals can ensure that innovative and exciting technology can be made available to the users at affordable prices. This is an exciting time for DEP as we look forward to showcase our capabilities at the Auto Show this year”

The scooter was a part of DEP’s Product Development (PD) team’s display, along with other innovative products such as a drone and high efficiency engine. The products were on display as a part of their launch of the latest version of DEP’s flagship CAE software product, DEP MeshWorks.

The final electric scooter technology demonstrator has undergone extensive on-road testing, and will be displayed in the upcoming Auto Show India in February.

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