AI integration in CAE

Detroit Engineered Products (DEP): Revolutionizing CAE with AI Integration

Aug 08, 2023

In a recent interview featured in Analytics Insight, Mr. Radha Krishnan, the President and Founder of Detroit Engineered Products (DEP), delves into the transformative potential of integrating AI with Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE).

Mr. Radha Krishnan highlights a rising demand for CAE’s pivotal role in product development across diverse sectors, foreseeing its evolution from a validation tool to a proactive decision-making platform. The integration of CAE with other engineering tools, such as CAD and PLM, creates a comprehensive product development ecosystem poised to drive innovation, reduce costs, and expedite time-to-market.

The 2023 release of MeshWorks introduces advanced algorithms and powerful AI and ML technologies, revolutionizing product development cycles with Next Generation CAE/CAD Morphing, Concept Modeling, and CAE Parametrization, leading to significant time savings and optimized outcomes. DEP MeshWorks further empowers efficient automation by leveraging AI and ML, streamlining CAE operations, and boosting overall productivity. Through comprehensive training programs, workshops, and ongoing support, DEP fosters a culture of continuous learning, enabling engineers to excel in utilizing DEP MeshWorks and advancing their professional growth.

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