Present and Future Trends in CAE

A Vision for CAE: Mr. Radha Krishnan, President of DEP, Explores Evolution, Present Trends, and Future Growth

Dec 19, 2023

Explore the exclusive interview of Mr. Radha Krishnan, the Founder and President of Detroit Engineered Products, with the renowned Machinist magazine. Delve into his illuminating discussion on the manifold advantages that Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) brings to diverse industries. From automotive to electrical sectors, the transformative power of CAE is unveiled as Mr. Radha Krishnan shares insights into its evolution, its current state, and the promising trajectory it charts for the future.

Gain insightful perspectives from Mr. Radha Krishnan as he delves into cutting-edge CAE technologies & details about our proprietary platform, MeshWorks. Immerse yourself in his visionary approach, highlighting a deliberate focus on simulation technologies such as digital twins and machine learning. Observe how these strategic investments not only optimize current processes but also strengthen the company’s resilience in adapting to future challenges, shaping a trajectory defined by technological prowess and strategic foresight.

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